About Trimontium

The Story of the Roman Capital of South Scotland

Trimontium was the name of the Three Hills Place – in the lee of the Eildon Hills one mile from the town of Melrose beside the village of Newstead in the Scottish Borders. In the 1st and 2nd centuries AD there grew up an enormous Romano-native complex – which lasted around 100 years.

The Trimontium Stone
The Trimontium Stone

The Three Hills Roman Heritage Centre housing the Trimontium Museum, is based in The Ormiston, The Square, Melrose and tells the story of A Roman Frontier Post and its People. Located on the ground floor, it has full disabled access to the displays.

The Museum is open from the beginning of April to the end of October each year. It consists of a series of illustrated panels and modern artefact display cases; aerial photographs; artists’ drawings; models; maps; the Newstead charger; a blacksmith’s workshop; a Roman kitchen and pottery; replica armour; and a film room.

Should you wish, there is an audioguide narrated by the distinctive voice of Bill McLaren (of Borders and rugby fame) available on mp3 players, included with your admission.